-301 F, a cafe that serves the most refreshing and coolest food items in the world to relish on!! A place where groups could come and meet, and friends could get together and linger over laughter and long conversations. A place that felt as comfortable as home with exceptional food.  It gives the most immense joy, emotions, celebrations and happiness! At Minus 301 F, we roll our ice creams live in front of you to notch up the fun… Live ice creams are our USP. Minus 301F has already won thousands of hearts across 10 cities, and is spreading like wild fire! After all, we Indians have the Foodie gene engrained within our DNA, and thus -301F lives upto the mark of every Indian by serving varieties of food items to relish upon including Pizzas, Burgers, Pastas, Pita Pockets, Fries, waffles, Shakes, Mocktails and coffees and also the utmost varieties of desserts, Ice cream and sundaes. With the great taste of Coffee, Shakes and Mocktails accompanying a diverse menu, there is sure to be something for everyone. With varieties of fast food and desserts, this café has a alongside thoughtfully created menu. Whether you have a few hours to sit and catch up, or a meeting you are already late for, -301 F has the range to make sure your taste and time pressures are met.

We serve heaven on a spoon across Jodhpur, Bits Pilani, Hyderabad, Kolhapur, Ranchi and Pune Corporate (Capgemini & Accenture)

Mr. Deepak M Nihalani

Mr.Deepak M Nihalani senior partner at Nitro Concepts, packs 20 years of business experience. Soon after his graduation in commerce, He went on to enter the extremely competitive garments business in Mumbai’s Kalbadevi market. Today, he handles the Finance Department and Product development.

Mr. Dinesh M Nihalani

Mr Dinesh M Nihalani, is a partner at Nitro Concepts. A textile engineer by education now has around 20 years of business experience under his belt while working alongside his elder brother Mr.Deepak M Nihalani. Today he handles Human resource management and Business Development at Nitro Concepts, Mumbai.

Ms. Jyotsna Nihalani

Ms.Jyotsna Nihalani the elder daughter of Mr.Deepak Nihalani (Partner, Nitro Concepts, Mumbai) is an active part of the company’s management. She makes notable contributions in the operational management of the company owned outlets in Mumbai, as also makes noteworthy contributions in marketing and product development activities undertaken by the company.